Monday, March 15, 2010

"IKA - Нули в любви" Remix by Jonathan Burhan

03/15/2010 Random Music Review
Song:"IKA - Нули в любви"
Mixing Artist:Jonathan Burhan
Genre:Trance / Electronic

Jonathan Burhan has jumped leaps and bounds in his ability to remix trance tracks and create unique and interesting mixes. This mix of "IKA" was something he had created for a Russian contest but was not able to submit. So instead he released it to us, the general public, and we have been given a real treat with this upbeat vocal trance track.

Clean professional audio production and a beautiful video make this a real win track, well worth watching and listening to.


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  2. Thanks mate!! Much appreciated you know. I think "leaps and bounds" is spot on, it's only been a short while and I've made massive progress since then. This was a pleasing surprise to see you reviewing my remix. Ty